Many people facing financial difficulty are burdened by unfair mortgages.   If you face this situation you should approach your bank and request a loan modification. You do not need an attorney to help you modify a loan.  You can do it yourself.  But there are benefits to having an attorney represent your interests in this process. When dealing with loan modifications the legal aspect is sometimes confusing.  If you are not trained in the law you may miss an important issue buried in the paperwork.

Loan Modification Attorneys have access to a host of foreclosure prevention options not available to the average person. They also can use the Truth in Lending act (TILA) and Real Estate and Settlement Procedures act (RESPA) as leverage in negotiating more favorable terms on your mortgage. An attorney with experience in this area will be familiar with the tactics a bank will use to make a deal favorable to them.  You need to make sure your interests are protected.  Working with someone who has done a number of loan modifications will allow you to benefit from their experience.
Banks may delay this process (intentionally and unintentionally) and many homeowners get frustrated by these delays.  A good attorney can help cut through some of these stall tactics and will often have more success in getting the right person on the phone to negotiate a better deal.
An attorney can often apply more significant pressure on a lender after your new loan documents are submitted.  This pressure could protect you from foreclosure during the loan modification process and it may expedite your financial relief. Fighting for a home loan modification is much like going to court. You may think you are saving money by representing yourself, but in the end you may get nothing and face serious financial consequences. If you are facing a possible foreclosure due to a financial hardship, you don’t have to go it alone.  Call the law office of Mery Lopez today and have a qualified professional look at your loan. 

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